Writing the True Self

Motivation for Writing

Why should anyone learn to write better? Winning friends, getting a job, or influencing people are all good reasons. But there are deeper reasons, too. Writing, as it connects to the self, is a bridge between hopes and reality, from our tasks to our dreams. If we connect our actions to our reasons for caring, then we're more likely to be happy. So we all have a stake in writing, and learning to write should be seen as a personal duty.

This website offers many resources for improving your writing. I've organized the site into five areas: Writing, ESL, Music, Profile, and Contact. In the "Writing" area, the "Attitudes" link connects to my textbook, while the "Lessons" link presents class handouts. The "Journey" link discusses the origin of my curriculum. The "ESL" area covers the use of music to learn language. The "Music" area presents my life with music, songs I've written, and songs I use in class. The "Profile" area is my virtual resume. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss anything further.

Write Attitudes

Writing is a reciprocating process that requires students to have a certain mindset, which I've broken down into five "write attitudes."

Writing Lessons

Writers have different skills and perspectives. Lessons utilizing a variety of learning strategies ensure that everyone can learn.

Writing Journey

About 15 years ago, I started writing curriculum that connected learning values to the writing process. Here's what I was thinking about.