Writing the True Self


About 10 years ago, I wrote a literature review about using music to learn a foreign language, as I had done with the Czech language. Over 30 scholars have cited my review in their blogs and theses about this issue. One example: Lessons using music appropriately can activate 11 or more Language Learning Strategies from Oxford's Taxonomy.


As a missionary studying a second language, I came across important ideas that later shaped my path through school. In country, I used music to teach myself the Czech language, and this fascination drove me to major in linguistics, to take ESL classes in Grad school, and to make TESL the major course area in my PhD. This project was the beginning.


Some believe that music is only useful for cultural, after-hours, or "Friday" content, thinking that music cannot be applied to the "serious" business of grammar acquisition. The truth is that I taught myself foreign language grammar with music, and I believe that music can help ESL students to learn grammar, too. It just takes the right activity.