Writing the True Self


More than a decade ago, I wrote a big literature review in a graduate research course, culminating work begun when I was a missionary. I published the review on my University of Illinois webpage. This text was the most popular thing I've ever written, and over 30 scholars have used it.


From Berkeley professors to music therapists, from undergrads to PhDs, and from all over the world, people are using my review of literature to orient to the issue of Music and Language. Most of them are Master's students writing a thesis in Education or Applied Linguistics. In so many places, people understand that Music plus Language works.


Using music is only one of Rebecca Oxford's (1990) learning strategies for foreign language acquisition. She devised a taxonomy of strategies that many students use naturally, but all students can learn to use systematically. For better outcomes, use a variety of strategies. Don't just stick with what already works. Reach out and try something new.