Writing the True Self

Logical Intelligence

​​​​​​Logical intelligence is defined as the ability to solve real-world problems through critical thinking. Everyone knows someone who is a nerd. They do really well in work environments, and don't necessarily like improvisational situations. In terms of development, logical intelligence emerges very late, after wish fulfillment, but eventually cause and effect sets in. In original cultures, logical intelligence led to seed drills for farming, aquaducts for fresh water, and waste-disposal systems. Historically, the periodic table, classification of animals, and development of the scientific method all derive from logic. Technology such as computers, phones, and the internet could not have occurred without logical intelligence. Today, people with who are logical find careers in gaming, industry, computer networking, and engineering. In my class, I relate to the logical intelligence in order to help improve the organization and thinking in student papers. Critical thinking is second only to writing as a core aspect of academic essays. When I ask students questions about lecture topics or their writing assignments, they use critical thinking all the time to answer me.

Five Types of Reasoning

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Critical Thinking Process

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Levels of Reasoning

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Sentence Combining

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Grammar Overview

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Essay Template

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