Writing the True Self

Naturalist Intelligence

​​​​Naturalist intelligence is defined as the ability to solve problems in the real, natural world outside. Everyone knows someone who is into wildlife and their surroundings. They do really well in wilderness environments, and don't necessarily like being trapped indoors. Naturalist intelligence emerges as the child explores the world with family. In original cultures, the naturalistic desire led to innovations in farming, irrigation, and animal husbandry. Modern-day successes in cultural expansion, farm improvements, and animal rights could not have occurred without natural intelligence. Today, people with a high outdoor knowledge find careers as marshals, rangers, veterinarians, and ferriers. In my class, I relate to the natural intelligence in order to help improve students who are into farming and have a love for wildlife. I don't invite my students to fish and hunt with me, but sometimes I talk about gardens and landscapes from other countries in class. The first three handouts are actually written for outdoorsy people, whereas the other three are simply practical.

The Great Outdoors

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Argument Builder: Farm Version

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Be Active, not Passive

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Earning the Grade

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Introductions and Conclusions

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Grading Rubric

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