Writing the True Self

Personal Intelligence

​​​Personal intelligence is defined as the ability to solve real-world problems of identity, self-confidence, development, and attitude. Everyone knows someone who has a quiet certainty and connection to their self-worth. They do really well in counseling environments, and don't necessarily like large crowds. Personal intelligence, like social intelligence, emerges from the trust bond between mother and child, developing with family members. In original cultures, the desire for personal worth led to innovations such as individual property, family heritages, and citizen's rights. Modern innovations such as the middle class, the psychological profession, and the self-help movement could not have occurred without personal intelligence. People with a high personal intelligence find careers as counselors, philosophers, and coaches. In my class, I relate to the personal intelligence in order to help students learn lessons from their lives. I don't invite my students to air their dirty laundry to everyone, but sometimes I tell stories about turning problems into triumphs in class! I ask my students about their personality to see how they fit into their career programs, also a very personal choice.

Against Soviet Censorship

Fighting tyranny is a personal thing!

Voice Within Us

Writing is good for self-realization!

Creative Visualization

Prepping yourself for important writing!

Why Learn to Write

Writing should help you grow!

A Balanced Approach

Stay the course with mind and heart!

Personality Value Profiles

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