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Social Intelligence

​​​Social intelligence is defined as the ability to solve real-world problems of communication, getting along, and conflict resolution. Everyone knows someone who is the life of the party. They do really well in public environments, and don't necessarily like being quiet. Social intelligence emerges from the trust bond between mother and child, developing with family members. In original cultures, the social desire led to group practices, like harvest or the hunt, and rituals, such as marriages and funerals. Historically, tribal agreements, war treaties, nationalism, and the United Nations could not have occurred without social intelligence. Today, people with high social abilities find careers in teaching, talk shows, and organizational leadership. In my class, I relate to the social intelligence by inviting peer revision and group discussions. I don't invite my students to party or mix socially in the classroom, but sometimes I let them do group projects. Most importantly, I listen carefully when people speak, trying to understand their position, and thinking about how I can best serve their needs.

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