Writing the True Self


Persistent Effort

Anything worth doing is going to take some work, and having the Write Attitudes means getting things done. The fourth attitude, "Persistent Effort" helps a student work hard on an essay and sustain interest until completion. She must be determined to make the draft into a polished work. If substantial new insights have arisen, she decides what to cut, and which readers to address. Her goal is developing the essay's readability, so discussing it with friends can help. While maintaining an authentic voice, she adds quotes and literary devices to improve its distinctiveness, description, and detail. She must use discernment to balance her presentation. Her original purpose and power yielded voice, which now turns to vision. Her hard work becomes part of her future-emerging self, as the writing takes on deeper meaning!


Decide to bring out the best in your essay!


Do some formal or informal peer review!


Describe things better with literary devices!