Writing the True Self


Willing Openness

The Write Attitudes can help make your writing more dynamic. The second attitude, "Willing Openness" helps a student consider new ways of being and thinking. She must conscientiously open her mind and lay aside hangups or fears. Letting go allows new realizations or insights to emerge, enables her to recognize her audience and purpose, and lays the groundwork for a topical outline. As the image of the reader becomes clearer, ideas form into significant meanings. Because she connects her purpose with a receiver, she has the power to convince and influence. In this way, if a student author allows herself to be open-minded, she can solidify her conceptions about why, for whom, and what she will write. Let's be open and see what doors open for us!


Find out whether your ideas feel right!


Recognize your context and purpose in writing!


Organize and outline your ideas!