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Visual Intelligence

​​​Visual intelligence is defined as the ability to solve real-world problems of interpretation or emotion with creative images, diagrams, and video. Everyone knows someone who is crafty or artsy. They do really well in quiet, organized environments, and don't necessarily like groups. Visual intelligence emerges shortly after birth, as the focus on faces develops into a desire for bright colors, patterns, and visual play. In original cultures, the visual desire led to innovations in native art, such as cave drawings, beadwork, traditional costume, ceramics, and other creative expressions. The wonders of Hollywood Cinema, Las Vegas, and the discovery of America could not have occurred without the dreams inspired by visualization. Today, people with a high artistic ability find careers in interior design, costume design, and photography. In my class, I often relate to the visual intelligence in order to help improve students’ imagination. I don't show full-length movies during class, but I do show TED talks, author readings, and other motivational content. I often I draw pictures, line drawings, and diagrams to help visual students relate to the lecture content, and I have a plethora of content-related powerpoints, even featuring audio voice-over for posting to the web.

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Thesis clarification with visualization!

Idea Mapping

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